Dear partners,

Building on the success of previous editions, we are pleased to invite you to participate in the 7th edition of the International Exhibition of the Food Industry SIAG 2019, from 27 to 30 March 2019 at the Convention Center of Oran (Algeria) for introduce you to the Algerian market. SIAG 2019 is an open door on the African continent that promotes the development of agro-food industries in Algeria and intended for export. It brings together all the actors of the sector to meet, share and exchange their experiences. This show is the meeting point for producers, manufacturers and other stakeholders in the sector, to present innovative solutions for the growth of the agri-food industry in Algeria. The SIAG fair, whose primary objective is to contribute to a better knowledge of the potential of the national agro food industry, has, since its first edition in 2013, actively participated in the development of various niches in different sectors of the food industry in Algeria. The SIAG has also enabled the establishment of a privileged meeting place for Algerian and foreign companies to exchange their experiences and develop mutually beneficial business relationships. For this 7th edition of the SIAG, conferences are scheduled with topics on food security, packaging and the potential of the agri-food sector … We will welcome more than 500 exhibitors from 12 countries In addition, eminent specialists will unveil the investment programs for the next five years. Dear partners,We would be very happy to welcome you to SIAG 2019, our next edition, for which we have set up a permanent information service  The SIAG: A four-day trade show!The SIAG is a comprehensive showcase of various product and service offerings to meet the needs of operators active in this sector of the Agribusiness.SIAG is a platform for communication and business networking between producers and their consumersAnd finally, the SIAG is an agora between producers and their suppliers, associated with conferences with debates on current topics, under the animation of confirmed national and international experts.